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Light Seal Kits

Our light seal kits consist of pre-cut to proper size (trim to proper length) light seal
material to replace deteriorated or damage film compartment seals. Light seal
material is self adhesive peel off backing. Simply remove and clean old
material and replace with pre-cut seals. Each kit is specifically cut for
camera type. Most kits include enough material for two cameras
in case of under cuts or mistakes.
Please add $5.95 for USPS First Class Mail in the U.S.A.
Please email us at the following link to place your Light Seal Kit order or call (425) 252-0932.

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35MM Camera Bodies

Brand/Model Price
Canonet Series $19.95
Canon A Series $19.95
Canon F1 Series $19.95
Canon FT, FTB, TLB $19.95
Canon T Series $9.95
Contax 159 MM $19.95
Contax RTS $19.95
Fujica ST Series $19.95
Konica FT1 Motor $24.95 Photo
Minolta SRT Series $19.95
Minolta XD Series $19.95
Minolta XG, X700 Series $19.95
Minolta XK $19.95
Nikkormat EL $19.95
Nikkormat FTN $19.95
Nikon EM $19.95
Nikon EL $19.95
Nikon F $9.95
Nikon F2 $19.95
Nikon F3 $19.95
Nikon FE, FM, FE2, FM2 $19.95
Olympus OM Series $19.95
Olympus XA, XA2 $19.95
Pentax K1000 / Spotmatic $19.95
Pentax ME/ME Super $19.95
Petri FT $19.95
Ricoh KR Series $19.95
Ricoh XR Series $19.95
Yashica FR Series $19.95

Medimum Format Camera Bodies

Brand/Model Price
Mamiya Twin Lens Cameras $29.95
Mamiya M645 1000s $29.95
Pentax 6x7 (Inc's. Prism Seals) $29.95

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